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Bingo Billy Review (August 2023)

Established in 2006, One of the Most Popular Bingo Sites in the World

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Payout Speed: 1 to 3 Days

Best For: Australian & Canadian Players

Bingo is one of the older gambling games that are still around today, with some estimates saying that it was created approximately 500 years ago. At least, that is when the earliest records of it were made, although it is quite possible that the game has existed for even longer than that, and 500 years ago was when it started getting more popular. Interest in Bingo has definitely been growing over time, which can even be seen in the last 15 or so years. A quick look at Google Trends results revealed that the game started attracting huge amounts of attention around 2016, which continued to this very day.

As always, a growth in interest regarding pretty much anything where money is involved also means that there are certain risks and dangers that are bound to follow. In case of online gambling and betting games such as bingo, it is reasonable to expect an increase in fraudulent activity and the number of fake websites that are trying to attract and trick players out of their money. This is why we are reviewing the best bingo platforms in order to let you know which ones are safe to use, as well as what they have to offer, and today, we are looking into a very interesting bingo website called Bingo Billy.


  • Live Chat & Phone Support
  • Established in 2006
  • Premium Bingo Games
  • Great Slot Machines


  • No Sports Betting
  • No Dedicated App
  • UK & USA Prohibited

Licensing & Regulation


Everyone likes a platform with a long and interesting history, and Bingo Billy has a rather interesting story about Billy — a young woman who traveled the US in search of opportunity, which eventually led her to create the Bingo Billy platform. The platform itself was founded in 2006, and it was licensed by the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, as well as by the government of Curacao. It is also worth noting that it won no less the Bingo Site of the Year award five times in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012. Plus, it also won the CM Team of the Year in 2011, as well.

The platform is dedicated to security, fairness, and providing the best possible experience for its users. When it comes to its design, it is very simple to use, but ultimately, it is not particularly visually impressive. This works out well for new bingo players, however, as there aren’t many distractions that would make the platform intimidating or overly complicated. Instead, it looks and feels inviting, which is what allowed it to be around for over 15 years now.

Bingo Billy uses modern technologies to protect its customers, their money, their data, and provide a safe environment for gamblers, be they professionals or complete novices who never played a bingo game before. It has schedules for different bingo rooms, and overall, it is very easy to navigate and use.

Bingo Billy Games


Speaking of bingo rooms, there are several that are free at any given time. There is the main room, which is “where the action is,” as the platform puts it, as well as a 100% free room, but also a premium room which is “for depositing members only.” In the games section of the website, the platform offers a schedule of available rooms that cover pretty much every hour of the day, with each room being available for an hour or two, at which point it will close and another room will open. That means that you can join the currently active room at any time of day or night, as there is at least one room open 24/7.

Apart from its own schedule, each room has its own card cost, but also restrictions. Some games are chat games, meaning that you can chat with other players as you play. Also, the platform often posts a certain comment about each room which will give you a better idea of what the room is about and what to expect within.

All in all, it is well-organized and transparent about its games, schedules, and other details of the games, so you can always know when your favorite room will be active. There are also different member tiers, which come with their own benefits, which you can find on the platform.

Finally, it is also worth noting that the platform encourages responsible gaming, and it appreciates the users’ compliance with the verification process, which allows it to enforce zero-tolerance policy on underage gambling.

Payment Options


Naturally, in order to play any of the games, you have to buy bingo tickets, and that means that you also have to deposit some money onto the platform and also withdraw any of your potential winnings. It would be ideal if online gambling platforms could add support for all payment methods out there, as that would mean that anyone can quickly and easily deposit and withdraw money at any time. But, with hundreds of available methods around the world, something like that is simply impossible.

The alternative is to add support for several of the most popular payment methods and hope that this will suit its customers. Bingo Billy has integrated a handful of payment methods, but it definitely did go for the most popular ones, including Visa, Mastercard, ecoPayz, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

With the addition of Bitcoin, the platform has opened its doors to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency users. The minimum deposit on the platform is $30, while the minimum withdrawal is $100. The maximum withdrawal per week is $1,000.

Customer Support


Customer support is an important aspect of any gambling platform, as it provides players with someone to turn to in case of unexpected issues, or even if they simply have a question that the FAQ or other platform information does not explain. When it comes to Bingo Billy, we feel that the platform has done an excellent job at making itself and its customer service, available.

You can contact the platform via email, live chat, or phone call, with assistance via email and live chat being offered 24 hours per day. You will always chat with a real person, as opposed to platforms that use chat bots, so you can be sure that any problem will be solved with the highest possible efficiency and urgency.

When it comes to emails, the reply should be expected within 12-24 hours, which is still pretty good. And, given that emails are generally the slowest method of communication, and that most casinos often take up to several days to respond, having a guarantee that a response will arrive within 24 hours is quite encouraging, and it gives users a reason to consider this method.

Finally, there is also support by phone, which is toll-free, and it is available 7 days per week, between the hours of 7 am ET and 11 pm ET. And, as mentioned, you can always try the FAQ first, as it offers quite detailed responses to some of the most commonly asked questions, so it is definitely not something that you should ignore.

Mobile Availability


Finally, it is also worth noting that Bingo Billy is also available on your mobile device. Not only that, but you don’t even have to download an app in order to use it. The platform does not have apps for specific devices or systems, so there is no need to worry about storage space, system requirements, updates, and alike.

Instead, all you need to do is look up the platform in your mobile device’s browser by typing in its web address, log into your account, and you are good to go. This is a great way to access bingo games throughout your day, no matter what kinds of responsibilities you may have that are usually keeping you away from your PC. Whether you are working, traveling, or doing something else that prevents you from sitting in front of a monitor, Bingo Billy has you covered with its mobile-optimized website.

The platform will work on any device and any system, as long as you can access it via a browser, you will be able to play at any time and from any place.



Bingo Billy is one of the bingo platforms with the most character, and interesting backstory, and excellent organization skills. The schedule for bingo rooms is very helpful, and the variety of rooms ensures the you will always find something new and different from your previous experience. The number of supported payment methods is a bit low, but it does include the most popular methods around, which is a very good thing. And, since it supports Bitcoin, that means that crypto users can gamble on the website as well. We were quite impressed with how well its customer support works, as this is often an area where many gambling platforms tend to cut corners and create an average support service at best. Simply put, Bingo Billy claims that it cares about its users, and it managed to prove it to us. Now, it is your turn to check it out and see if you agree.

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