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5 Best Australian Online Bingo Rooms (August 2023)

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There are countless bingo rooms out there for Australians, and it can be tough to figure out which ones to try. Some can seem untrustworthy right off the bat, and some can bombard you with annoying ads and confusing graphics. Luckily, we’ve pinpointed the 5 best sites that offer great prizes and the chance to interact with other Aussies and people from all over the world!

These bingo rooms are perfect for anyone in Australia. They have exciting websites without being confusing and cluttered. We also think they offer some of the best jackpots, consistently active bingo rooms, the best welcoming bonuses, and so much more! Read on to learn why these rooms are the best options for Australian bingo lovers.

1. Bingo Village

Bingo Village is relatively new, but it has an impressive offering considering its young age, and this includes 24/7 live chat & phone support.

The bingo that is on offer is some of the best that we have seen anywhere, players can choose from multiple fun and interactive bingo rooms including 90, 80, 75 and 50-ball bingo.

Players who want to play additional games on the side can choose from some impressive slots machines, including many with large progressive jackpots.

This is currently the top bingo room for Aussie players.

To learn more visit our Bingo Village Review or visit Bingo Village.

2. Cyber Bingo

Established in 1996, Cyber Bingo is an exciting bingo room that draws you in the minute you see it. Open to users from all over the world, Cyber Bingo offers multiple versions of bingo and well over 300 casino games to choose from. They offer keno, slots, and many other options than most online bingo rooms offer.

This online game room provides lots of info to newcomers, as well. They have a games schedule that you can check daily and a detailed page of rules so users can make the most of what Cyber Bingo has to offer. You can also select your favourite numbers, such as important dates, and make your own custom bingo cards!

Cyber Bingo also has loads of high jackpots that users can claim in the bingo lobby. The lobby displays ongoing bingo games, and there are games around the clock. The online bingo room lobby also shows current prize amounts and progressive jackpot amounts. Bingo cards are cheap to buy and well worth it if you end up winning big.

To learn more read our Cyber Bingo Review or visit Cyber Bingo.

3. Bingo Billy

If you’re looking for online bingo rooms in Australia, you can also check out Bingo Billy. As soon as you get to their website, you can redeem a welcoming package offer of $30 by signing up.

This room seems to be extra popular for the Aussies, but everyone is welcome. The main bingo room is called the Lucky Cup Dinner, and it costs just 25 cents to buy a card. This room is available 24/7 and has a chat feature that lets you socialize and connect with other bingo loves from around the world.

There are other gaming options, depending on if you want to make a deposit or not. The Wild Penny Room is free for anyone, while the Worry Free Zone Room requires a deposit from Bingo Billy members. Bingo Billy also lets you try their online bingo games for free with their trial option, giving you $30 to use on bingo games; the amount becomes a credit on your account after signing up.

To learn more read our Bingo Billy Review or visit Bingo Billy.

4. Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo may be the best room for meeting fellow Australians in the chat rooms. They also have one of the best looking websites that stands out from the competitors and isn’t too flashy. Wink Bingo greets you with a comic book style font and graphics that grab your attention, and their logo is the most unique and eye-catching.

Wink Bingo has yet another simple registration process with five easy steps. You can deposit $10 when signing up and enjoy $50 in return to use towards bingo and slot games. There are countless options, with rooms like the Mystery Jackpot and the 1 Million Rewards Room, with the latter only costing 1 pound to join.

Other jackpot cost a little more to join. For example, you can join the $600 jackpot room for a small cost of 5 pounds, or if you’re feeling extra lucky, you can join the $1000 jackpot room for 25 pounds. We think the price is suitable for a bit of fun and potentially claiming those jackpot winnings!

5. Bingo Australia

This is an Australian focused bingo room, while the design of the site is a bit dated they do offer a wide range of bingo cards and they are popular in Australia.

One of the best things about is that games with graphics don’t require you to download frustrating flash software. Bingo Australia offers fast loading easy to use software, with new games with high jackpots about to start in seconds.

Registering for Bingo Australia is a quick process, and then all you need is to log in with your username and password to start playing. Bingo Australia arguably has some of the highest jackpots compared to other rooms, and they seem to offer these high winnings regularly. If you’re looking for your best chance to take home a big prize, Aussies may want to check out this option.

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