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Bingo Fest Review – Is it Legit? (August 2023)

Established in 2003, This Is an Extremely Popular Bingo Brand in Australia & Canada.

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Payout Speed: 1 to 3 Days

Best For: Australian & Canadian Bingo Players

We are keeping our review of Bingo Fest up, but please note this bingo room is no longer operational and has now merged with CyberBingo.


Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games around the globe — not only when it comes to different regions of the world but also in terms of different age groups. It is the universal gambling game that everyone is familiar with, be they 18 or 80, and it has been around for at least 500 years, possibly even longer. For the majority of the game’s existence, those who wanted to play it had to go to a specific location where games were being held. Today, these are known as bingo clubs or bingo halls. Bingo might also be included in certain land-based casinos.

However, things changed with the rise of the internet and online gambling. Bingo sites started emerging left and right, and online casinos featuring bingo games did, as well. Suddenly, bingo was available to everyone who wanted to play it, 24/7, with little to no changes to its rules in the last five centuries. Of course, there are also different versions of the game that might have a different amount of numbers, or they might replace numbers with emojis and other kinds of symbols, but the game remains the same.

What differs, however, is the quality, fairness, and safety of the platforms you can turn to in order to start playing it. This is exactly why we are reviewing the best bingo sites, to show you which ones are safe to use, as well as what they have to offer. Today, we are looking into an old and reputable platform called BingoFest, so without further ado, let’s see what you will find if you choose to join.


  • Immersive Bingo Games
  • Established in 2003
  • 100s of Slot Machines
  • Keno Games


  • No Sports Betting
  • UK & USA Prohibited

Licensing & Regulation


BingoFest is an online gambling platform launched in 2003. The website is entirely owned and operated by Palau Holdings NV, which also processes its transactions. The platform, as well as the company, are based in Curacao, holding the Curacao eGaming license. With nearly 20 years of experience, the platform has established a rather flawless reputation, becoming known for excellent quality of service, great security, and a variety of games.

Speaking of security, BingoFest uses various modern security features and practices, such as strong SSL encryption, to ensure the safety of your financial and personal data alike. Other than that, it is also worth noting that the platform has a very simple design, with a quick overview of its features available on the home page itself. At the top of the page, you can find several different tabs, with the first one being the Games tab. This is the only one with a dropdown menu featuring different game types that you can access and play, as this platform is home to more than just bingo.

If you start scrolling down the platform, you will see some of the most popular games from the past 30 days, and at the bottom of the platform, there are links to additional pages, including the privacy policy, T&C, KYC policy, dispute resolution, responsible gaming, fairness statement, and more. BingoFest’s website wanted to make sure that users can access all the information about its platform from a single place, and it succeeded in ensuring that. The platform also notes that only those who are 18 years old or older can access its website, and to ensure that this rule will be respected, it requires all users to register and verify their accounts.

Games Library


As mentioned, BingoFest is primarily a bingo platform, which you can also tell from the platform’s name. By clicking the Games tab, you will see that Bingo is the very first option, and by clicking on it, you will be taken to a separate page with different bingo rooms. Each room has its own type of bingo, with its own current prize, progressive jackpot, a number of people playing, and different prices of the ticket/card. Right now, the options include Urban Bingo, Pack & Line Bingo, VIP Bingo, Nickel Bingo, Free World Bingo, Diamond Bingo, Tourney Bingo, and USA Bingo.

Not all rooms are open 24/7, and some are not even open at the same time as others. However, under each active room, you can see the countdown to the next game, and under each inactive room, you can see the time when it will open.

As mentioned, the platform offers more than just Bingo, and by returning to the Games tab, you will see that it also has Keno, video slots, video poker, live games, chain reactors, and more. Live games include primarily different lotto games, of which there are few. However, if you navigate to the slots page, you will see hundreds of different slots available, so the platform can work very well as a slots casino.

Payment Options


Of course, in order to play any of the platform’s games — be that bingo, slots, live games, or anything else — you will first need to deposit some money into your freshly verified account. That means that you will have to choose one of the available payment options, and hopefully, at least one of them will fit you.

With so many available payment options out there, gambling platforms could never add support for all of them. However, they can add support for some of the biggest and most popular ones, and hope that this will be good enough for those who wish to join and play their games.

When it comes to BingoFest, specifically, the available payment methods are listed at the very bottom of the website, and they include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, ecoPayz, bank transfer, money transfer, and Bitcoin. The inclusion of credit/debit cards and Bitcoin is a very good thing, as most people who use cryptocurrencies likely have at least some BTC, and if not — they can easily get it or sell it on any exchange; while Visa and Mastercard are the world’s largest card suppliers, and most people have at least one of them for online purchases and similar use cases.

Another good thing about the platform is that the minimum deposit is only 10 EUR, which is very affordable for most people. The minimum withdrawal is higher, however, sitting at 100 EUR. While this can be quite high, you will hopefully be able to win the necessary minimum while playing bingo and all of the other popular games. The platform supports GBP, EUR, and USD, plus, of course, Bitcoin. Also, the maximum withdrawal limit is 3,000 EUR per transaction, so keep that in mind if you happen to win the jackpot.

Customer Support


While the hope is that your online gambling experience will be smooth and without issues, malfunctions of any kind always remain a possibility. You can never know when a game might glitch on you, or a transaction could run into an obstacle, and you would get an error message instead of your money or something of the sort. Not that these things happen routinely, but they remain a possibility.

With that in mind, it is important to have someone to turn to for help, which in this case means that you will need good customer support. BingoFest understands that, and it made its customer support very easy to reach. At any time, you can find a red button on the right-hand side of the website that says “Support.” By clicking on it, you will see three options pop out — a FAQ, Help, and Live Help.

If you click the FAQ option, you will be taken to the platform’s FAQ page, which offers about 25 different questions and answers, so do check it out if you have a question or a problem for which there might already be a solution in here. If you need to report something, however, you might be better off clicking on Help or Live Help. The Help option will lead you to a page where you will see instructions on how to submit a help ticket, as well as several email addresses where you can contact support and get the help you need.

The platform has three emails, one of which is for general inquiries, another for withdrawal-related issues, and another for chat-related issues. Speaking of chat, that’s exactly what live help is — live chat, where you get into contact with the support team directly, and you can explain the problem that you are having. You will have to submit your name and email, and after that, you can start chatting with a support agent.

Mobile Availability


Finally, you are likely aware that online gambling is no longer something that you can only do on a PC, and most people, in fact, do it via mobile devices. Some do it due to preference, while others might do it because their lifestyle prevents them from sitting in front of a computer screen and playing games the entire day. But, whether you are busy with work, travel, or some other kind of thing that prevents you from playing from your home computer — BingoFest has you covered.

The platform says that it offers support for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, so mobile availability is definitely fully supported. You can access the platform from the mobile device’s website, as the site is fully mobile-optimized, allowing you to play at any time and from any place.



From everything that we have found, we can conclude that BingoFest is an excellent platform for new and experienced bingo players, with a variety of bingo rooms, low minimum deposits, mobile support, excellent customer support, and several popular payment methods available. It even has some casino games that you can use to pass the time while you are waiting for a specific bingo room to open or a game to start, or simply to take a break from looking out for bingo numbers if you ever feel like you need to mix things up. The platform is licensed and completely safe, and you can join up and play whenever and wherever you happen to be, as long as you have your phone or tablet with you.

Click Here to visit Bingo Fest.

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