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NCAA Basketball Betting

5 Best NCAA Basketball Betting Sites (August 2023)

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College basketball is the testing ground for future NBA stars, and many see the NCAA as one of the most competitive basketball leagues with legions of devoted fans and equally enthusiastic bettors.

The excitement of following a local team, or former Alma mater, gets boosted with promising wagers. And, thanks to online sportsbooks, making a bet has never been easier. The large inventory of games offered by the NCAA, with unpredictable outcomes, has made it a staple on betting sites.

How We Identify The Best NCAA Basketball Betting Sites

When picking an online college basketball sportsbook, priority criteria are trust, user-friendly interface, and lucrative betting lines on high-paced NCAA action. Making the correct choice ahead of time saves bettors from unnecessary worries when the leagues start.

  • Safety & Trustworthiness: Opening an account on a betting site is similar to a bank account. Money gets deposited in both, and there are equal concerns about safety measures. Professional sportsbooks invest in the latest encryption systems that safeguard against potential breaches.
  • Legitimacy: It's not hard to open a website, and online scams take advantage of unassuming punters. When vetting a sportsbook, check how long the platform is active, and if in possession of a license issued by government institutions.
  • Finding the best odds: Profits in the betting industry come down to odds. Higher betting lines offer a better potential return on investment. Odds get generated in-house and typically are similar, yet that should not stop us from making an online scan of other offers.
  • NCAA Betting Bonuses: College basketball bettors have a passion that spans a decade, and when invested for the long haul, promotions are your partner. New punters benefit from welcome bonuses, while loyalty programs and reload bonuses satisfy experienced punters.

Top 5 NCAA Basketball Betting Sites

The NCAA basketball schedule gets prepared ahead of time, and responsible bettors, get ready in advance by choosing a comprehensive sportsbook. Several factors dictate the best choice, and if the task seems daunting, consult our list below of the top college basketball betting sites.

1. BetUS

Top-rated betting sites like BetUS invest heavily in the basketball offer they provide. With the popularity of the NCAA for North American bettors, the sportsbook fully emerges in the college scene. New bettors get greeted with appropriate Welcome Bonuses, and if on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, you can unlock a generous 200% Crypto sign-up bonus.

As game day approaches, the full spectrum of betting types is available, from point spared, futures, and prop bets.

To learn more read our BetUS Review or visit BetUS.

2. Bovada

If reputability is at the forefront of your search, you can’t go wrong with Bovada. The betting site put down roots in 2011 and since has built a reputation as one of the best online sportsbooks in North America.

Security gets guaranteed with SSL encryption, and NCAA odds are respectable, with the option to place in-play bets, making it a stand-out platform.

When it comes to promotions, two sportsbook Welcome Bonuses get offered: a regular 50% up to $250 and a 75% up to $750 Bitcoin bonus.

To learn more read our Bovada Review or visit Bovada.

3. BetOnline

Impatient bettors will appreciate BetOnline for its early delivery of betting lines. Among its competitors, the platform is one of the most expedient in this aspect.  And speed is an attribute associated with other segments of the betting site, like the overall interface and payouts that get processed in hours.

The reward for the newfound trust is a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 or a 100% crypto bonus up to $1,000.

To learn more read our BetOnline Review or visit BetOnline.


All-inclusive coverage of NCAA basketball is on the repertoire at, and bettors can also enjoy the 50% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus. The greeting gift can get used on some of the most attractive betting lines on college basketball offered anyway.

Stylistically the platform is not impressive, but looks can be deceiving. When it comes to functionality, it receives high praises. Placing bets is a hustle-free endeavor.

Read our Review or visit

5. Sports Interaction

Canadians are not seriously represented in the NCAA, but they still prefer to wager on Division I matches, and with Sports Interaction catering only to Canucks, they have a trusted sportsbook for the college games.

Safety is vouched for by two licenses, issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Jersey Commission in the UK. The betting site provides a streamlined mobile experience with standard betting types and competitive odds.

Read our Sports Interaction Review or visit Sports Interaction.

NCAA Basketball Betting Types

The rules of basketball are universal, and when it comes to betting on NCAA, punters that have wagered on other leagues will feel right at home. However, if you are new to the game, this is a breakdown of the common betting types.

  • Moneyline is a straightforward bet, and the aim is to choose the winner. The difference is in the odds. The favorite gets a negative number such as -150, meaning a $150 bet will generate a profit of $100. The underdog will be more rewarding with a typical odds of +250, which signals that $100 can potentially produce $250 in earnings.
  • Prop bets are a newer and exciting addition to the betting tree. The concept is based on hypothetical scenarios with attractive odds. For example, will the Duke Blue Devils make two technical fouls? Some sportsbooks can get pretty imaginative with the propositions, although the selection varies between betting sites.
  • Point Spread offers action on both sites of the duel. The favorite gets points deducted before the start of the game, and the long shot gets points added. Usually, this looks something like this Kentucky Wildcats -12.5. In this case, the expectation is that Kentucky will triumph with more than 13 points. Anything less, and the punter loses the bet.
  • Over-under is an attractive option because it doesn’t focus on who will win but on the total points scored. Bettors get offered a number of the expected probable combined score. For example, the sportsbook will offer a combined score of 156.5 and the choice is if the outcome will be over or under the suggested number.

NCAA Basketball 2022: What are the Odds?

Sporting events don’t always go as predicted, and that’s the appeal for bettors. And when NCAA games are on the schedule, results can get wild, something reflected in the odds. Sportsbooks are aware of the euphoria surrounding college basketball, and the global appetite for the sport, striving to offer attractive odds for NCAA duels.

Odds get published a couple of days in advance of games, and some betting sites are in the habit of being more expedient in this regard. However, new bettors need to know that odds are not written in stone, they can change until tip-off, and in the case of in-play betting, while a game is active.


It’s a common occurrence when you pop open an NCAA betting site, they will attempt to convince you they are the best in the business. The most accurate way to test that claim is to implement the parameters offered.

Yet the best course of action for bettors is to benefit from our in-depth research and make a selection from the recommended sportsbooks, which guarantee quality NCAA odds, with secure payment options and diverse betting types.


What Bet Types Can I Make on the NCAAB?

Most betting sites offer the standard repertoire of bets, including point spread, totals, Moneyline prop, and futures bets.

What Payment Methods get Offered on NCAAB Sportsbooks?

Reputable betting sites offer credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank or wire transfers, and cryptocurrency.

Are NCAA Basketball Betting Apps Safe?

Mobile apps from legitimate betting sites provide a convenient option for placing wagers making deposits and withdrawals on a secure platform.

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