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5 “Best” Rainbow Six Siege Betting (August 2023)

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Stare down the barrel of eSports gaming and Rainbow Six will probably be the first bullet to graze your eye. Even before the likes of Siege arrived and swept up the majority of the competitive base, Ubisoft's best-selling franchise was still harnessing record-breaking stats that date all the way back to 1998. Only now, with a much bigger platform to support the competitive side of the series, Rainbow Six is able to grow by leaps and bounds to astonishing heights.

Whilst you could compare Rainbow Six to other rival FPS hits (Call of Duty, for one), there are a few factors that differentiate the two. Of course, both being in the same ballpark and offering a similar module of game modes, one can easily lose track of what's what. That being said, Rainbow Six does stand on its own two feet, with plenty of content to keep its name isolated from the competition. And yes, I am talking about the eSports domain. Six Invitational, to be more specific. Without that, Ubisoft wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on at all. But let's explore that in a moment. For now, let's break down Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Rainbow Six Betting Sites

Ready to take the dive and place a bet? These are the top esports betting platforms that offer Rainbow Six wagering opportunities.

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Rainbow Six Siege: In a Nutshell

True to the classic FPS formula, Rainbow Six Siege pits two teams of five against one another for a round of objectives, where one team will assume the roles of attackers, and the other defenders. Over the course of each match, as the points are tallied and the wins are accumulated, both teams will swap sides until the set has been completed. Seems simple enough, right? Well, it sort of is. Of course, the biggest thing to remember is that beneath the three game modes Siege has to offer — it really is just a team deathmatch, plain and simple. But what are the game modes? Well, let's touch base on those now. Pen and paper at the ready!


Starting with the classic 5v5 format, Bomb puts one member of the attacking team in charge of a bomb defusal kit, which they must plant on one of two objectives hidden within the map. Once attached to the objective, the team member and associates must fight to defend the kit until it completes the defusal (45 seconds). The defending team, however, must fortify the objective, neutralise the attacking team, or ultimately kill the bomb defusal kit carrier. Should the bomb be defused in the allotted time, the attacking team will go on to claim the win, whereas the defending team will fail the round.


Hostage Rescue

Again, with two teams of five placed on the board, one team will take on the roles of attackers, and the other filling the shoes of the defenders. The attacking team must enter a heavily guarded area in order to extract a hostage, which they must escort to a safe zone marked with a red signal flare. The defenders, of course, must prevent the attacking team from locating the hostage and drawing them to the extraction point. If the hostage is killed during the match, the team responsible will ultimately lose the point. If all attackers are eliminated from the board, the defending team claims the win. Simple.


Secure Area

Once again, both teams of five will assume the roles of attackers and defenders. As attackers, the team must locate a secure room that houses a biochemical agent and hold the location for 10 consecutive seconds in order to claim the round. However, the defending team will also hold a presence, using various tools to fortify the room and drive back the opposition. If a defender remains present in the vicinity of the biochemical agent, the timer freezes, meaning the attackers must work together to eliminate the defending team, or simply flush them out. If the defending team is able to drive back the attacking team and eliminate the operatives — then they will win the round.

A prize pool you'll want to stick around for.

Tournaments & Prize Pools

Rainbow Six Siege: it's big, it's beautiful — and it's bolstered by bombastic bucks. Of course, Ubisoft does like to fill their own bucket with the heftiest prize pools, with some stacking up to $3,000,000 for the overall winning teams. But while there are plenty of tournaments that wrap around the Rainbow Six platform, there are really only a few you need to keep note of. Looking from a betting point of view, Six Invitational, Six Major, and ESL Play are the three that you'll need to keep glued to your radar for not only the best odds — but also the best competition.

Stacking Against the Odds

As expected, Rainbow Six Siege does employ quite the roster of professional teams. In fact, it can almost seem a little daunting, seeing the number of heavy hitters that gravitate towards the competitive platform. Betting-wise, it can be slightly frustrating when having to shovel through mounds of titleholders just to pluck out a single racehorse. Luckily for us, however, the best of the best are usually separated into a compressed category, making the task of selecting a sole unit far less of a burden.

Learning the basics of not only Siege — but Rainbow Six as a whole — can definitely be beneficial for your wager. Understanding the nooks and crannies of each game mode and getting to know the top-tier teams that dominate the toughest tournaments — that's your primary goal before laying down the reigns. Of course, playing a few rounds yourself isn't such a bad idea either. Overall, spending some quality time with the R6S player base and trading tips with other well-travelled bookmakers will definitely get your foot in the door at the very least.


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