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Xbet Sportsbook & Casino Review (August 2023)

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Payout Speed: 1 to 7 Days

Best For: Sports Betting

While the gambling industry is brimming with popular old platforms that have been building up their experience and reputation for years, if not decades — there is still room for ambitious newcomers to stand out and rise through the ranks. XBet is one such platform, as it already managed to catch the attention of gamblers and its older and more experienced peers alike.

To understand why that is, we first have to go through what the platform has to offer and what it is all about. So, if you are interested in trying out something new, here is everything we know about it.


  • Top Notch Sports Betting
  • State of the Art Casino Games
  • Myriad of Deposit Options
  • Fast Payouts


  • Prohibited in NY, NJ, PA, & NV
  • Only 3 Esports
  • Lower Brand Recognition

Sportsbook & Casino


Xbet emerged only recently as a brand new sportsbook, but it quickly gathered attention and credibility in the online gambling community. The first thing to note about it is that it is a platform focused on serving US users. However, with that said, it doesn’t serve the entirety of the US. Due to the local laws, four states are prohibited from accessing Xbet — New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. The UK and Australia are also strictly prohibited from accessing Xbet due to their own local laws.

Those who can access the platform will quickly notice that its website is extremely easy to navigate. It has a sleek, cartoon-like design, which is very easy to understand and use even by first-time gamblers. Many find this kind of interface to be quite appealing, which means that it quickly captures their attention and leads them deeper in, to its betting opportunities.

Now, we mentioned that Xbet is quite a new edition to the gambling industry, and that much is true. However, despite that, it still has an abundance of sports to bet on, just like other top sportsbooks in the industry. It offers access to things like WNBA, MLB, NHL, golf, soccer, tennis, MMA, boxing, F1, NASCAR, horse racing, table tennis, CFB, NFL, NCAAB, and NBA.

However, that’s not all, as the platform also offers a casino section, featuring live games, table games, 3D slots, regular slots, video poker, and much more. The selection is quite wide, but that is only scratching the surface of what the platform has to offer, as we are about to see as we move on to the next segment which is:




Online gamblers love bonuses, which is why pretty much all online casinos and sportsbooks offer some kind of a bonus. The difference is, how many different ones there are, and how rewarding they are. When it comes to Xbet, there are no less than three different bonuses, all of which can be classified under the category of a welcome bonus. The three bonuses include:

1) The sign-up bonus

In order to reward signing up to its platform, Xbet is ready to match the players’ first deposit with 50%, up to $500. In other words, if players choose to deposit $500, they will have a total of $250 to spend. However, they should note that this bonus comes with a 7x rollover requirement.

2) Reload bonus

Next, the platform will continue rewarding its users for depositing more and more money by granting a 25% Reload bonus each time when players fund their accounts. However, in order to trigger this bonus, players have to deposit at least $100, while the maximum that will be rewarded with the Reload bonus is $250. This bonus also comes with a 5x rollover requirement.

3) Casino Bonus

Finally, Xbet will also reward those who make a Casino Deposit with a 200% Casino bonus, up to $500. The minimum requirement to trigger this bonus is $45, while the maximum is $300. Just like the last two, this bonus also comes with a requirement, which is 40x rollover.


We mentioned that each of the bonuses comes with a rollover requirement, which depends on the bonus. This is pretty standard in the online gambling industry. Rollovers do not represent the amounts players need to win or lose. They are simply the amounts that needs to be wagered before players can withdraw their winnings. This ensures that players will use the funds they were granted for gambling, instead of simply withdrawing their deposit + bonus.

Typically, bonuses in the online gambling industry come with a 10x requirement. So, if a player deposits $100 and they receive a bonus of 50% with a 10x rollover, the total amount that they need to wager in order to withdraw their funds is calculated like this: (100 + 50) x 10 = $1500.

One thing that makes Xbet different from the others, however, is that its bonuses have lower maximums than other sportsbooks. This also means that Xbet can afford to have less intensive rollovers. We mentioned that, for most books, the rollover is 10x. However, on Xbet, it is only 7x, which is much more beneficial for the users.

Deposit Options


Of course, in order to become eligible for any sort of bonus, you will first need to deposit your funds to Xbet. Fortunately, the platform offers several popular methods for making deposits, with hopefully at least one of them being a good fit for you.

The first to note is, of course, Visa and Mastercard. If you own a credit or debit card issued by either of the two companies, you can use them to deposit your funds. The platform has a minimum deposit of $45 for this method, which is a bit higher than many others, but not too much. The maximum that you can deposit at once via this method is $2,500.

Next, there is Money Gram, which is a popular method for many users, although it has a high minimum and low maximum. You can use it to deposit anywhere from $100 to $500. If you happen to use this method and you were planning to deposit an amount between these two limits, then Money Gram is definitely an option to consider.

Next, you can use ACH, which is a popular service in the US meant for making payments and transactions within the country, so it does fit the bill. The platform will let you use ACH to deposit a minimum of $100. As for the maximum, the platform doesn’t have it for this method, so you can deposit pretty much whatever you want as long as it is above $100.

Finally, Xbet also supports three cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC). Crypto is generally one of the best methods for deposits as it is extremely fast, it has much lower fees, and the deal for deposits on Xbet for crypto is the best you can get, with a minimum deposit of $45 and a maximum of $10,000 in crypto. Of course, the obvious danger lies in high volatility of cryptocurrencies, but if you know what you are doing, then this is by far the best method.



When it comes to payouts, however, your options are a bit more limited. There are only three to consider here, and they differ in everything, including the amount you can withdraw, the fee you will have to pay, and the time you will have to wait for your money to arrive.

The first option is the best one, and that is to use Bitcoin. You can withdraw anywhere from $25 to $5,000 per single payout, the money will arrive in less than 24 hours, and there is no fee, other than the one you pay to the miners, which can be anything that you are ready to offer.

The second option is bank wire, which allows you to withdraw anywhere between $500 and $5,000, but the delivery time is 5-7 business days. Meanwhile, the fee for getting your money this way can be anything from $75 to $160.

Finally, the third option is to get an e-check, and this one lets you withdraw anything from $50 to $3,000. This one also has the longest delivery time of 7-10 days, and the fee goes from $5 to $100, typically.

Customer Service


Lastly, there is another aspect of every casino or sportsbook that potential users need to consider, and that is customer service. Basically, you are looking for a reliable service that you will be able to reach at all times and that can solve every problem.

Xbet’s customer service team has had quite a few excellent reviews since the platform emerged, and many have reported that they did not have at all in order to have their urgent matter addressed. Any issue can be resolved rather quickly after the platform’s agent picks up the phone. Furthermore, customer service is available 24/7, 365 days per year, so you can always find someone to help out whenever you face some kind of an issue.



Xbet’s progress in the online gambling community has already been rather impressive, and we expect that the platform will continue to grow. It offers an excellent variety of sports and casino games, and multiple deposit methods, and while there are fewer payout methods, crypto is available as the best option by far. And, it has a competent customer service that can always help out with any problem.

With that said, anyone who is looking for an up-and-coming sportsbook with a unique layout that offers a wide variety of lines should consider checking out Xbet.

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