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BUSR Review (August 2023)

Best for Racebooks & Sportsbetting

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Payout Speed: 1 to 7 Days

Best For: Racebooks

Online gambling comes in many forms, from online casino games to sportsbooks, and even a bit more niche racebooks, which are, as the name suggests, centered around racing. Horse racing, to be precise. And, when it comes to the biggest and most popular racebook in the United States, the leading platform for this kind of thing is Bet US Racing, or BUSR, for short.

In the United States, BUSR is available in all states except for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. The UK and Australia are also completely prohibited from accessing the platform due to different laws. However, those who can access BUSR actually have access to quite a bit of content.


  • Best in Industry for Horse Betting
  • Sports Betting Options are Numerous
  • Authentic Live Casino Games


  • Only 2 Esports Offered
  • No Bingo
  • Prohibited in NY, NJ, PA, & NV

Racebook, Sportsbook & Casino


We should start by saying that, while BUSR is the best known for being a racebook, it is actually quite a bit more than that. The platform also features a sports betting section which is dedicated to all kinds of other sports, and as such, it is suitable for all kinds of other bettors.

Alongside horse races, BUSR also offers a wide range of odds for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MMA, NCAA Football, live betting on live baseball, and more. It covers a number of less popular sports and leagues as well, so there is certainly something for everyone. And, thanks to the fact that the BUSR platform is very user-friendly, this means that it can be accessed and used by everyone, from newbies who are on a racebook for the first time in their life, to seasoned professionals who have been on so many platforms that they lost count.

Finally, BUSR also has a casino section where it offers a variety of games. From table games, slots, 3D slots, jackpots, video poker, live casino, and more, BUSR is perfectly equipped to offer its services to the US casino game fans.

However, games and sports bets are only a portion of what this platform truly has to offer, and if you dig a bit deeper, you will discover a whole new world of opportunities.



Like all other online casinos, sportsbooks, and racebooks, BUSR also has a number of fantastic bonuses that you can become eligible to receive under certain conditions. All of these bonuses can technically be classified as welcome bonuses, although they differ quite a bit, depending on which one you decide to aim for. For example, the platform offers the following:

1) Sign-up bonus

First, you have the Sign-up bonus, which offers to match your first deposit and give you 100% of what you deposited, up to $1,000. So, if you go for the very maximum, and deposit $1,000, you will have $2,000 at your disposal. But, the bonus also comes with a 5x rollover requirement.

2) Casino bonus

Then, there is a bonus called Casino Bonus, that boosts your first casino deposit by 150% if you deposit the amount up to $750. Like the previous one, this one also comes with a requirement in the form of 40x rollover. This is a bit high, but for professional gamblers, it is likely not something that should present a problem.

3) Cash bonus

The third bonus is simply called the cash bonus, and it consists of a fixed amount of $150. Essentially, BUSR offers this amount for new accounts, but there is a catch. In order to get it, you need to deposit a minimum of $100 and wager at least $500. And, on top of that, you need to do it within 30 days from the moment your account has been registered. So, if you wait too long after registering, you are risking losing this bonus. Also, we should note that this bonus is for the Racebook only, so if you are aiming to use casino or bet on other sports, this bonus will not apply.

4) Referral bonus

Finally, the platform also offers another fixed amount of $250 for every friend that you bring to the platform. It is not enough for your friend to simply create an account, however. Instead, they will also have to deposit some money and start their own betting in order for you to get this money.


You may have noticed that we mentioned rollovers for some of the bonuses listed above. This is quite a common practice for online gambling platform, and these rollovers refer to the amount that gamblers need to wager in order to get the profits from their winnings made from the money that the casino granted to them.

For most platforms, the rollover is around 10x. So, if you deposit $100 and the platform matches 50% of your bonus, you will calculate the amount you need to wager with this simple formula: (100 + 50) x 10 = $1500.

However, when we spoke about the sign-up bonus, we mentioned that the rollover is only 5x, which is only half of the industry standard, and a massive point for BUSR. The amount for the casino bonus, on the other hand, is quite high, which is why only players who can afford to play with big money should target this bonus.

Deposit Options


Of course, in order to get the bonuses, you first need to deposit your money to the platform, which can be done in several ways. Specifically, there are three different options here for you to choose from.

The first option is to use your credit or debit card. Both Visa and Mastercard are supported, so if you have one of the cards issued by one of these companies, all you need to do is connect them to the platform and make a deposit, like you likely did on numerous other websites already. If you choose this route, then the minimum deposit that you have to make is $45, while the maximum is $2,500.

Your second option is to use Money Gram. Money Gram is a popular service that a lot of people in the US are using, and if you are among them, this option is worth considering. However, we should note that the minimum deposit for Money Gram is higher — $100. The maximum amount that you can deposit per transaction, however, is significantly lower than the credit/debit card option — only $500.

Finally, you can also take the cryptocurrency route. BUSR supports crypto transactions and crypto gambling, and if you happen to be a cryptocurrency user, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. For all three coins, the minimum deposit is $45, while the maximum deposit is not specified. In other words, you can deposit virtually any amount as long as it is above $45.



Next, let’s talk payouts. Let’s say that you deposited some money, got your bonuses, made significant wagers, and won money. How do you withdraw it?

There are only two options for withdrawals. The first one is to use Bitcoin, and that is also the most rewarding one. If you use BTC, you can withdraw any amount from $25 to $5,000, the money will arrive within 24 hours, and you don’t have to pay any fee, other than the crypto transaction fee. However, that goes to the miners, and not the platform.

The other option is to have the money wired to you via the bank, which is both lengthy and expensive. If you decide to use this method, you can withdraw a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $5,000. The time needed for the money to get wired to you will take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days, and you will also have to pay a fee that can be anywhere from $35 to $100, and will likely depend on the amount that you are taking out of the platform.

In other words, it is far more profitable to use cryptocurrencies, and the platform seems to be encouraging this route as well, for both deposits and withdrawals.

Customer Service


Lastly, we should also mention customer service, which is an extremely important part of all online gambling platforms, even though often overlooked by users — until they have an issue that they can’t resolve on their own, that is.

BUSR, fortunately, offers top-of-the-line customer service that is available around the clock. Whenever you need any kind of help or answers to your questions, you can contact them via email, live chat, or even a phone call, and have your issue resolved. The phone call will likely be the fastest method, with live chat being the close second. As for emails, there is no way to accurately predict how long it will take, although we are certain that the urgent matters will be handled with extreme urgency.



Horse racing is a classic sport that has been around for centuries. Today, like hundreds of years ago, it offers a great way to make money through betting, and we believe that BUSR is the go-to platform for it. On top of that, the platform is also quite versatile, offering sportsbook and casino options as well, so you will never be limited to their racebook alone.

The platform is easy to use, the sign-up procedure takes less than a minute, and there are quite rich bonuses waiting for you, as a new user. In other words, there is no reason to hold back and miss out on such a rewarding opportunity.

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