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Final Fantasy 14 is Finally Coming to Xbox: Open Beta Confirmed

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In a revelation that had fans around the world cheering, Square Enix made the much-awaited announcement Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox platforms. 

Phil Spencer, the face of Xbox, unexpectedly took the stage at the Final Fantasy Fan Fest 2023 keynote. Not only did he vouch for his personal love for the game, but he also shed light on the tight-knit collaboration between Xbox and Square Enix to optimize the game for the console.

For years, Xbox aficionados have been yearning for the chance to venture into Eorzea, and their dreams are about to become reality.

What We Know So Far

  1. Open Beta Phase: To ensure a seamless gameplay experience for Xbox players, Square Enix is launching an exclusive open beta phase. The aim? To work out any potential kinks specific to the console version. Excitingly, this also means that the much-anticipated new expansion, “Dawntrail,” will debut on Xbox.
  2. Enhanced Features for Next-gen Xbox: Players with newer Xbox consoles are in for a treat. Square Enix teased notable enhancements, including superior frame rates, upgraded graphics, and swift loading times.
  3. Launch Dates: Final Fantasy 14 is set to make its grand debut on Xbox in the spring of 2024. But before that, eager fans can dive into the open beta during patch 6.5.

Reception & Community Response

The MMORPG community, particularly Xbox enthusiasts, erupted in joy upon hearing the news. This sentiment resonated deeply on social platforms, with countless fans expressing their elation and plans to dive headfirst into Eorzea. The shared sentiment was clear: it was high time Xbox players got to experience the magic that is Final Fantasy 14.

Looking Forward

Square Enix's decision to bring FF14 to Xbox is more than just an expansion; it's a melding of communities. The world of Eorzea is poised to see a significant influx of adventurers, making it even more vibrant and immersive.

Though the exact release date post-beta remains under wraps, one thing is certain: the global FF14 community is abuzz with excitement. As more details about the Xbox version trickle out, players from all corners of the globe eagerly await their next (or first) foray into an MMORPG that has profoundly shaped the gaming landscape.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited with this announcement by Xbox and Square Enix? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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