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Final Fantasy 16: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Extravagant ratings are already streaming in, with words like “masterpiece” and “breathtaking” featured on most Final Fantasy 16 reviews. It’s no debate whether the game delivers because it does so graciously for its loyal fanbase. But even if you’ve played plenty of Final Fantasy games in the past, you’re likely to struggle a bit with the new mechanics of Final Fantasy 16. For the first time ever, real-time combat is introduced in the game. There are loads of new gameplay systems to wrap one’s head around. You may even need a quick refresher to jog your memory before jumping into the game. 

Final Fantasy 16 can be difficult for new and seasoned players to master. With these Final Fantasy 16: best tips for beginners, though, it should be easier to mop down the powerful Eikons of the game and get through to the finish line.

5. Visit Charon and Blackthorne Often

Final Fantasy 16 - Blacksmith's Blues: Speak to August, Charon and Blackthorne Gameplay Cutscenes

Charon stays at Cid’s Hideaway and is the main shopkeeper in Final Fantasy 16. Blackthorne, on the other hand, is the blacksmith of the game, also found at the Hideaway. From time to time, it’s good to head over to the Hideaway and visit these two. First, check in with Charon to see if he has any new items you can buy. Then, check in with Blackthorne to see if he has any new gear or weapons you can craft or upgrade.

If perhaps you’re too far away from the Hideaway, a good indication that it’s time to return there is if you have been collecting lots of materials while exploring Valisthea. Alternatively, keep an eye out for the yellow-gold dot on the icon for the Hideaway. It indicates there’s a new event to explore there, which can sometimes simply be a new conversation you need to have with one of the characters in the Hideaway. Likely soon after something you’ve just done. Or, that there’s a new item, gear, or weapon you can get from Charon or Blackthorne.

4. Go Out and Explore Valisthea

The Lore of Valisthea (Final Fantasy 16)

Valisthea is a vast, open world that can take ages to explore. Still, as with any RPG game, take the time to roam around the place. It doesn’t matter if Final Fantasy 16 is a linear game. Branching out from the main quest can potentially lead to discovering some pretty cool things.

For instance, you can find side quests off the beaten path. Or, collect new materials to use to craft cool gear and weapons. Sometimes, these are not too far away. And on rare occasions, you may run into new enemies to mow down for extra points while sharpening your skills before battling the next Eikon.

3. Take on Side Quests and Hunts

Final Fantasy 16: All 76 Side Quests with Walkthroughs | PART I

Still, on side quests, you may want to complete most, if not all, of them. Players will choose to skip side quests because they have no impact on the main mission. However, taking on side quests earns you significant rewards. They help boost your Gil, AP, and Renown points. Renown is especially useful because it helps you earn cool rewards without having to spend them. Additionally, completing side quests is a quick way to unlock new skills and level up your character.

Unlike other RPG side quests you may have spent hours on, Final Fantasy 16’s side quests are easy peasy to complete. They take a mere few minutes, and the objectives are a piece of cake. So, why not do them? Do note, though, that side quests continue to grow more difficult the more you unlock them. However, by then, you’ll have gained enough experience to deal with them.

Hunts and notorious marks are part of the side quests. Except Hunts unlock much later in the game. They involve taking down some notorious marks on a hunt board to scoop up more XP and Gil bounties. These can be much tougher than the side quests. With the help of party members, though, they should be easier to complete. You can take on the highest bounty that earns you more XP. It also takes Clive to higher levels than he should currently be in the main story.

2. Make Maximum Use of Torgal

Torgal Awakening Fenrir - Final Fantasy 16

Torgal is your wolf companion. Besides being cute, he provides several benefits to Clive’s journey. The first is to heal Clive when he takes damage. The second is to fight alongside Clive during battles. 

Torgal isn’t a whacky fighter either. He uses his sharp claws and teeth to strip off enemies’ flesh. And lastly, Torgal can use his howl to stun enemies. So, why not make maximum use of Torgal, especially when his help comes at no charge at all?

1. To Live is to Die

All Potion Upgrade Locations Final Fantasy 16 (Max Potions)

Naturally, you’re going to try as much as you can to avoid death. But don’t worry. Dying in Final Fantasy 16 is as much fun as living. Within a few seconds, the game reboots you as far as your experience goes. That’s right. Your progress won’t suffer. What’s more? You do receive all your potions. Potions are your saving grace in Final Fantasy 16. Gulping one potion down helps to restore your health, something you’ll get used to doing plenty of times during intense battles.

It can serve as a hack for some. If you’re struggling to take down an enemy, you can intentionally die. That way, you respawn at a checkpoint in the battle while having all your potions restored to their full volume. Alternatively, if you use up your potions and then encounter a formidable boss unexpectedly, you can intentionally die to restock your supply. While it’s a fishy and short-cut way to victory, it works. Plus, there’s no penalty for dying in Final Fantasy 16. The only penalty is going back to the last checkpoint, which, thanks to Final Fantasy 16’s auto-save, won’t be as far as you think.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Final Fantasy 16: best tips for beginners? Are there more Final Fantasy 16 tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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