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5 Best Games Like Tower of Fantasy



Games like Tower of Fantasy allow players to be transported into different worlds. These worlds are often vast and full of characters to meet, quests to complete, and more. It is partially due to the density of these worlds that these gaems are so popular. That said, there are many games on the market that offer a similar experience to Tower of Fantasy. So, to highlight some of the best, we present to you our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Tower of Fantasy.

5. Summoners War: Chronicles

Starting off our list today of the best games like Tower of Fantasy, we have Summoners War: ChroniclesSummoners War: Chronicles is an action-packed MMORPG with a distinct art style that makes it stand out. This game has a visually appealing anime-inspired style that makes every character feel unique and interesting. This free-to-play title sees players traversing the world and exploring, harvesting resources, and going on quests. This is great, as it allows players to find enjoyment in the things they like doing in the game, rather than steering them in one direction.

There are three characters to choose from, each of which feels distinct from one another. The game features Online Co-op as well, for players who wish to party up with friends, which is fantastic. Additionally, the game's dungeons are rather fleshed-out and give players great loot for their efforts. There is also a monster capture element of the game, in which players can obtain monsters to fight alongside them. With such a great amount of content, and being free-to-play, Summoners Wars: Chronicles is one of the best games like Tower of Fantasy currently on the market.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

Switching things up quite a bit, we have The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively popular MMORPG that recently celebrated the release of its Necrom expansion. This expansion adds a new class to the game, called the Arcanistt, which appears to vary the gameplay quite a bit. For fans of storytelling in MMORPGs, The Elder Scrolls Online features fully-voiced quests that manage to immerse the player into the world of Tamriel. This is hardly the only thing the game has to offer, however.

Packed to the brim with content, players can make their adventure almost any way they wish to. For example, if you want to live the simple life of a crafter, then you most certainly can. Oftentimes players will even provide you with materials to make items for them which is great. Or, maybe you are the more adventurous type, in which case this game has a plethora of content for you as well. Trials are the game's version of raids, Delves, which act as solo dungeons, no matter what you enjoy this game has something for you. For these reasons, we consider The Elder Scrolls Online one of the best games like Tower of Fantasy currently.

3. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

For our next entry, we have a title that hardly needs an introduction. Final Fantasy XIV is a massively popular MMORPG set in the beloved Final Fantasy universe. This fact alone gives it a broad amount of appeal to all sorts of players. However, it is within the intricacies of this game's systems that the game truly shines. Players can enjoy a streamlined experience that very well respects their time in the game. There is a wealth of content to enjoy of all types, enough to keep even your most devout MMORPG player busy for quite some time.

That said, it has all of your staple aspects of a great MMO, whether that be spectacular dungeons or an emphasis on social interaction. While it is possible to solo through the game, the experience is greatly enhanced with friends alongside you. The player base is also super friendly and will help newer players called Sprouts along their journey. So if you are looking for a great MMORPG to get into, definitely check this out. All in all, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs like Tower of Fantasy that you can play today.

2. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Tips

For fans of the MMORPG genre, Guild Wars 2 is a game that has stood the test of time. It has been around for quite some time and learned many lessons along the way. The massive world of Tyria is one that players can explore for hours upon hours on end, and still not see everything. The game itself actually has a great emphasis on exploration through its Hearts system. For those unaware, this is a system in which players are rewarded for exploring and questing through certain areas.

This encourages the player in a passive, yet impactful way, to see everything that these lands have to offer. This is spectacular, as often in MMORPGs, players are content with zipping through the zones. This isn't the case in Guild Wars 2 however, and the community for the game is top-notch and very welcoming for newer players. While the onboarding process in the game can appear a bit daunting, the wait is well worth it. In conclusion, Guild Wars 2, for its vibrant world and characters is one of the best games like Tower of Fantasy currently available.

1. Genshin Impact

Wrapping up our list of the best games like Tower of Fantasy, we have a game many players might have expected. Genshin Impact is a game that in many ways, greatly inspired Tower of Fantasy. So, it should come as no surprise that this game would feature. The world of Teyvat is absolutely massive and chock full of characters with their own unique backstories. with most interconnecting in some way. It is precisely that interconnectivity that makes the world feel so alive.

Additionally, Genshin Impact is a game that greatly emphasizes its action combat system. This system feels fantastic and fluid and makes fighting enemies always feel rewarding. There is an element system in which elements react with other elements for bonus damage as well. This makes the combat in the game feel much like a dance of abilities, which is beautiful. So, if you are in the market for a fantastic game to play, especially one that is reminiscent of games like Tower of Fantasy, definitely check out Genshin Impact.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Tower of Fantasy? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Judson Holley is a writer that began his career as a ghostwriter. Returning to the mortal coil  to work among the living. With some of his favorite games being tactical FPS games such as Squad and the Arma series. Although this could not be further from the truth as he enjoys games with deep stories such as the Kingdom Hearts series as well as Jade Empire and The Knights of the Old Republic series. When not attending to his wife, Judson often tends to his cats. He also has a knack for music mainly composing for and playing piano.

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