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KAGE Shadow of the Ninja: Everything We Know

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KAGE Shadow of the Ninja

Natsume Atari and Tango Project have joined forces to embark on an exciting endeavor – the revival of the legendary Shadow of the Ninja. For devoted Nintendo veterans, this title holds a special place in their hearts. Praised by GamePro as the “Greatest Hits,” it earned an exceptional 23/25 score, solidifying its status as a gaming gem. Now, the time has come for the game to undergo a magnificent makeover tailored to captivate the modern audience.

Introducing KAGE: Shadow of The Ninja, a thrilling new game that faithfully follows in the footsteps of its Nintendo Entertainment System predecessor. Prepare to be immersed in the gripping world of ninja action through an enthralling two-player side-scrolling experience. If this entices your gaming senses, stay with us as we unveil everything we know on KAGE: Shadow of The Ninja.

What is the KAGE Shadow of the Ninja?

KAGE Shadow of the Ninja is a side-scrolling shadow strike game by Natsume Atari. The studio was behind the masterful creation of the original title for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Interestingly, the game was released in Australia and Europe as Blue Shadow. In Japan, it debuted as Yami no-Shigotonin Kage. Aside from the name changes, the game is pretty much the same.

Moreover, the new title will feature top-notch pixel art quality, as seen in Natsume's Pocky and Rocky Reshined. So gear up for intense ninja action in glorious and magnificent 16-bit pixel art. These mesmerizing visuals will transport you to a time machine of pure gaming nostalgia, invoking cherished memories from the past. 


Being a remake, we expect the game to stick to the storyline in its original title. For those who may not be familiar with Shadow of the Ninja's storyline, allow us to elaborate:

In feudal, futuristic New York, a pair of Ninja assassins emerge as the saviors to rid America of the tyrannical rule of an evil dictator. Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede, ninja senseis from the Iga clan, rise up and take the mantle of defending America from the evil emperor Garuda. 

Along the way, they face mighty bosses and cunning adversaries and discover secrets about their own lineage. As their bond strengthens, they confront the Shogun in an explosive showdown, unleashing their true ninja power. 

What’s more, the story revolves around self-discovery, loyalty, and the resilience of the human spirit, inspiring future generations to embrace the shadows and stand against the darkness.


The side-scrolling venture features two playable characters; Hayate and Kaede. Hayate is the next ruler of the Ryuuha Shippu. His perks include the pinnacle of ninja assassination. However, his short temper can be an obstacle in tasks. The other playable character is Kaede. In contrast to Hayate, she has a much calmer demeanor.

Also, the new title sticks to the traditional two-player action. One player controls Hayate, while the other controls Kaede. In the previous title, both characters shared the same level of ninja mastery. Natsumo is yet to reveal whether the remaster will grant the duo new skills.

Like most side scrollers, crouching, running, jumping, climbing ladders, and attacks are your movement options. Occasionally, players will need to grab onto an overhang or move underneath it. 

Furthermore, the previous title bestowed a kusarigama and a katana to the characters. If you're unfamiliar with Japanese weapons, the former is equivalent to a billhook or sickle. The latter is a curved single-edged blade. We are yet to see what’s in store with the new title as far as weapons are concerned. 


KAGE Shadow of the Ninja

As stated, Natsume Atari is behind the wheel in this game's creation. Who is Natsume? You may wonder. Well, Natsume Atari is a renowned game developer who weaves captivating tales through their enchanting creations. Their expertise combines nostalgia and innovation to craft games catering to diverse interests and age groups. 

Moreover, one of their most cherished series is Harvest Moon, a heartwarming farming simulation that allows players to cultivate crops, raise livestock, and build relationships in a wholesome, immersive world. Additionally, they offer the serene experience of Reel Fishing, the action-packed adventure of Wild Guns, the imaginative battles of Medabots, and many other delightful titles. Natsume Atari inspires awe and admiration with each game, leaving a lasting mark on the gaming universe with their inventive and enchanting storytelling.

Now that you're in the know, the developer has revealed scanty details on the game's development that don't really shed light on its direction. However, we know you'll be moving from left to right and vice versa, accompanied by music from Iku Mizutani. Iku is a famous super composer who worked on the original title's soundtrack. What's more, he produced soundtracks for Medabots and Shatterhand. 

Moreover, the 16-bit pixel art style will elevate the gaming experience thanks to Dynamic Productions; The team is exclusively behind the character illustrations and key visuals. You may know them for their impeccable works in Grendizer and Mazinger Z. 


If you're still here, that means this game speaks to your needs. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Natsume hadn't revealed any official footage of the game. We could be seeing the game's first look before the year ends. If that happens, we'll be sure to give you an exclusive view right here on

Release Date, Platforms & Edition

KAGE Shadow of the Ninja

The earliest you'll get your hands on this ninja action platformer is Spring 2024. The developer has confirmed the game will launch with Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Italian, and traditional Chinese language support. 

Moreover, the game will be available on Switch, Xbox Series PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam (PC).

As the development process is still in its early stages, the likelihood of any special editions or official announcements remains uncertain for the foreseeable future. Should the developer opt to introduce such offerings, they will likely do so closer to the game's launch, potentially in Q1 2024. However, this is merely speculation and not a confirmed date. 

Keep tabs on the development team's official social media channels here to keep informed about the game's progress. Rest assured, once a concrete release date is established, we will promptly notify you right here on

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of KAGE Shadow of the Ninja when it eventually launches? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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