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Silent Hill f: Everything We Know



It’s been a little over a decade since Konami released the eighth mainline installment in the Silent Hill series. That’s an entire decade since the franchise stooped to its dormant status, and only now, at the height of Resident Evil’s dominance, has the team finally decided to reassemble the reins and step back into the fog of the ashen town. Saying that, it’s more of a lunge, really, what with several external studios all stepping in to contribute to not one, but five new projects in the franchise. And it just so happens that one of said five projects is none other than Silent Hill f, the long-overdue ninth entry that fans have been calling out for since 2012. Finally.

It’s still a fair ways off yet, what with it being behind 2023’s Silent Hill Ascensionbut the fact is, the series is making a comeback, and it’ll be shaping up to bring all that survival horror goodness to consoles at some point in the near future. Until it does arrive, though, here’s everything you should know about it.

What Is Silent Hill f?

Silent Hill f is an upcoming third-person survival horror game, and the ninth mainline entry in the series to date. What’s more, it’s also the first of its kind to stray away from the titular town, as it will cast its focus on 1960s rural Japan—a desolate world in which curious flowers represent outlandish creations that only the likes of Konami and team could dare conjure. It’s evidently Silent Hill, is what we’re saying, and if the gameplay is anything even remotely like the footage that was aired during the Silent Hill Transmission event, then we’re certainly in for a good time when it eventually comes knocking.


As far as the storyline goes, there’s still a lot we don’t actually know. A disappointing fact, for sure, but the general consensus is that it’ll have something to do with music — hence the title outlining the letter “f”—a musical symbol that essentially informs its user to play something loudly. So, not quite the Silent Hill we’ve all grown accustomed to, after all.

Of course, we do have the trailer to go on, which depicts a short burst of events featuring a young girl fleeing through a wooded area. It doesn’t give away all that much, but it does foreshadow a looming threat that, to our best knowledge, has something to do with the vibrant flowers and plants that inhabit the rural town. As for what these plants will have to do with the fate of the town or its citizens remains unclear, though it’s clear that they’ll have the power to manipulate and transform those left in their wake. Or at least, that’s what we’ve gathered from the looks of the footage, anyway.


Given that it’s been a good decade since Konami released a Silent Hill game, it’s safe to say that its assets have been refined quite a bit since then, and so we can definitely expect something a little more polished with Silent Hill f. At its core, it’ll still boast the same old horrifying aesthetics and chilling survival horror atmosphere. Chances are, though, it’ll steer more towards the likes of the Resident Evil remakes in terms of its gameplay mechanics.

When all’s said and done, there’s still so much we don’t know about Silent Hill f, let alone its gameplay elements. What’s worth remembering, though, is that it’s being built by NeoBards Entertainment, a studio that assisted in games like Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7. So, it’s in good hands, all things considered.


Silent Hill f came packaged as part of a five-piece announcement during the Silent Hill Transmission event that aired earlier this year. And while its creator failed to mention when it would be aiming to hit the shelves, the general consensus was that it’d be after Silent Hill Ascension. If we’re lucky, then we’ll be seeing it at some point in late 2024. That’s just a stab in the dark, of course.

In case you missed it, Silent Hill f is in the hands of NeoBards Entertainment, a company that’s partly responsible for several Resident Evil entries, as well as the Devil May Cry HD Collection. According to its portfolio, Silent Hill f will be its first full-blown project.


SILENT HILL f Teaser Trailer (4K:EN) | KONAMI

As it turns out, the trailer is really all we have to go on at the minute, so we’d best make the most of it. But in case you missed out on the Silent Hill Transmission presentation that aired earlier this year, we thought we’d single out the short snippet of Silent Hill f. You can check it out for yourself above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Like we said, it’s still a fair ways off yet, as the series has not one, but several projects in line to release before finds its place in the world. To say it’ll release in 2024 is still pretty optimistic, all things considered, so it’s better to say that a 2025 launch window seems more realistic. But again, who knows? With any luck, we’ll be treated to a deeper dive at some point over the next several months, perhaps in an updated Silent Hill Transmission showcase.

Going by the series’ history and tight bond with Sony, chances are we’ll be seeing Silent Hill f on PlayStation 5, if anything at all. That isn’t to say it won’t release on additional platforms, mind you, what with some of the earlier games finding their way to Xbox and PC, too. As it stands, though, it seems all signs are pointing towards a PlayStation 5 debut.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Silent Hill f, then be sure to check in with NeoBards Entertainment for all the latest updates here. If anything does change over the next few months, then we’ll be sure to share all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be joining in for the next chapter of the Silent Hill saga? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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