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5 Best Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass (August 2023)



Best Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass

Everyone loves a good racing game, right? They're about the rush you feel as you zoom past other cars, the fun of hearing engines go “vroom!”, and those cool moments when you dodge obstacles just in the nick of time. Over the years, racing games have gone from simple, flat tracks in arcades to big, beautiful 3D worlds in our living rooms. And the best part? We get to challenge ourselves and feel like real racers, even if it's just on our screens.

The Xbox Game Pass is like a big toy box for anyone who loves racing games. It's got all types – from crashing cars for fun to real-world racing, to just driving around and exploring. But with different options to pick from, which ones are the best? Well, let's dive in and check out the five best racing games on Xbox Game Pass that you should definitely try out!

5. Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing Announcement Trailer

Imagine racing cars and playing golf at the same time. That's what Turbo Golf Racing is all about! You get in a super-fast car, hit a big golf ball, and race your friends to see who can get their ball into the hole first. It's like playing golf, but way faster and way more fun.

The game has many cool features. You can race against up to seven other players, which means it's always a big, exciting competition. There are also special “Power Cores” that give your car cool abilities, like hitting the ball super far or making it roll in special ways. Plus, you can make your car look cool with different colors and parts. The game keeps adding new stuff, too, so there's always something new to try. So, if you're looking for a fun, fast racing game on Xbox Game Pass, Turbo Golf Racing is a great pick!

4. Dirt 5

Dirt 5 | Official Announce Trailer

Dirt 5 stands out as one of the top picks in the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass. If you love racing on tough tracks, this game is for you. It has you racing on everything from muddy roads to snowy paths, and the weather keeps changing. This means one moment it could be sunny and the next, it could be raining, making the race even more challenging.

The game looks amazing. The game invites you to race in beautiful places like thick forests and icy lakes. The changing weather doesn't just look cool; it also changes how you race. For example, driving on a wet road is very different from driving on a dry one. But what makes Dirt 5 really special among the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass is the fun stuff you can do. Besides regular races, there's a cool story mode, tons of cars to pick from, and ways to change how your car looks and works. So, whether you're new to racing games or a long-time fan, Dirt 5 offers something exciting for everyone.

3. Wreckfest

Wreckfest - Official PC Launch Trailer

When you think of racing games, you often imagine sleek cars racing at top speeds. But Wreckfest takes a different turn. It's all about the thrill of smashing cars and surviving intense races. Instead of just trying to be the fastest, you're also trying to be the last car in one piece. Moreover, when cars crash, you can see every bit of damage in detail. This makes the races feel real and thrilling. Each time you play, the twists and turns on the tracks feel different, especially when you add in the unpredictable crashes.

But there's more to the game than just racing and crashing. You can also customize your car. Want a stronger bumper or a roll cage to protect your car during the wild races? You can add those. And when you race, you're not just up against other players. The game has smart computer-controlled cars that make every race feel fresh and challenging. Overall, it's one of the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass and offers a unique twist on the traditional racing game experience.

2. MotoGP 22

MotoGP™22 - Announcement Trailer

MotoGP 22 is one of the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass, and it's all about motorcycle racing. This game lets you race over 120 riders on more than 20 real-world tracks from the 2022 season. Plus, if you like older races, you can play events from the famous 2009 season. You'll get to watch cool videos from real races back then, with a guy named Mark Neale talking about the highlights.

The cherry on the top, however, is the new multiplayer mode. For the first time, the franchise introduces a split-screen feature, enabling friends to dive into the world of MotoGP head-to-head. Next, the game looks super real. The racers, the bikes, even the areas where the teams hang out – all of it looks like you're watching a real race on TV. Plus, you can change how things look, from the color of your bike to what your racer wears.

1. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 - Official Launch Trailer

Forza Horizon 5 lets you race amazing cars all around Mexico. Think of it: driving on sunny beaches, through old cities, or near big mountains with snow. Each place looks different, and the weather can change a lot. Sometimes, you might be racing in a big dust storm or even heavy rain! As days pass, you'll see different seasons and weather. This means each race feels new and fun. Plus, you don't just race alone. You can join friends for fun challenges.

Playing with others is a big part of the game. There's an area called the Horizon Arcade where you can team up for fun races. You can also meet new people and do races or challenges together. Everyone helps in creating the game's story, which makes it more interesting. Additionally, you can even change how your car looks, like its paint or other small details. If you create something cool, you can share it with everyone. All these make it one of the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass.

So, do you agree with our top pick? Are there any other titles you believe should have made the list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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