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Best Horror Games on Roblox (August 2023)



From a top-down perspective, you wouldn’t necessarily associate Roblox, a family-friendly gaming platform with one too many wholehearted indie games, with the world of horror. Alas, its catalog actually has a fair amount of such, few of which claim the top spots in the entire catalog — even in 2023, when the vast majority of its entries are platform or simulation-based. It’s no wonder, then, why so many survival and horror-obsessed players are looking to find stable ground in the oddly dynamic block-studded world as of late.

So, which horror games are actually worth checking out on Roblox this month? Are there any upcoming indies that you should shift your attention towards before month’s end? Here’s what you should know about the best horror games on Roblox in August 2023.

5. Cheese Escape

If you’re the sort of person who finds the likes of holes and craters clustered together the slightest bit disturbing, then you’re going to absolutely hate Cheese Escape, an escape room-like puzzle game in which players must navigate a maze made entirely out of cheese. Sounds relatively harmless on paper, true — but wait till you get a load of the mouse who’s trying to hunt you and impede your progress. It isn’t the mouse that’s terrifying, but more the concept of something darting between crevices in a bid to trap you. It’s survival-horror 101, and it makes something so conceptually silly surprisingly creepy.

Gameplay in Cheese Escape is broken down into a couple of things — exploration, and puzzle-solving, being the two primary focal points. As the one trapped in the dark cheese-studded labyrinth, you must sift through the wards and collect items, unlock rooms, and ultimately avoid detection while searching for an escape out of the cheddar hellhole. Simple, yet oh so effective.

4. Dead Silence

If it’s a good old-fashioned romp through the sewers that you’re after, then look no further than Dead Silence, an atmospheric horror game in which up to four players must gather clues and unravel a thread of mysteries pertaining to a few missing locals. It’s a story-driven game at heart, with a fairly wide variety of puzzle and data collection segments to boot. What’s more, it’s also one of the best co-op games on Roblox, as it tests the mettle of not just one player’s abilities, but an entire collective.

As far as gameplay goes, Dead Silence involves teaming up and exploring key areas in an underwater environment—a pitch-black void in which a monster roams its every nook and cranny. The goal is simple: find evidence that helps point towards the whereabouts of several missing persons — even if it means having to battle the monstrosities that lurk deep within the shadows. Not your everyday Roblox game, all things considered.

3. The Mimic

The Mimic is an episodic horror game that draws its influence from Japanese folklore. In it, players are tasked with traversing through various tales referred to as books—short stints that focus on different creatures and conflicts with some of Japan’s most notorious urban legends. It isn’t your average Roblox platforming game by any stretch, nor is it a game that’s accommodating to the faint of heart — but it’s definitely one of the more mysterious indie titles out there.

If you’re an avid historian or general lover of all things folklore, then The Mimic is a sure-fire way to get the senses in motion. It’s evidently horror-obessesed, and it pulls on all the same heartstrings as the likes of Fatal Frame and Forbidden Siren — surprisingly well, at that. So, if it’s a romp through an unsettling world that’s rife with atmospheric turbulence and chaos you’re looking for, then gaze no further than the confines of The Mimic.

2. Doors

Roblox Games Like Doors

As far as concepts travel, Doors isn’t all that complex. In fact, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a game that centers its entire universe around a seemingly endless network of doors, locks, and mismatched combinations. Your goal, in short, is to traverse the labyrinth of rooms, and ultimately make your way to whatever exit you’re able to conjure while also under the watchful gaze of a roster of malicious spirits and tainted characters.

Doors is just as much of a puzzle game as it is a full-fledged horror, as it uses various trial and error techniques to both sway the narrative and establish an alluring sense of adventure in every session. It’s certainly one of the most rewarding games of the bunch, is what we’re saying, and it definitely provides players with enough incentives to replay the same old doors a few dozen times over. Is it the most complex horror game on the Roblox homepage? Not by a long shot. That said, it’s definitely a must-have for anyone interested in losing a handful of hours to the grind.

1. Rainbow Friends

best horror games

It isn’t a new concept — transforming cutesy plush toys into sadistic animatronics and what have you. In fact, since Five Nights at Freddy’s first dropped, the idea to exploit the innocence of childhood trinkets for the sake of creating warped horror stories has become oddly commonplace. Granted, that’s sort of why Rainbow Friends didn’t phase us all that much when it first came to the Roblox storefront a fair ways back.

Rainbow Friends transports you to the back end of a field trip gone wrong, in a world that houses rogue mascots all out to hunt anyone who’s dares to overstep their mark. Unfortunately, that’s where you and your closest friends come in — bound for the exit, but stuck behind waves of blood-deprived mascots and other bodged toys. Think Poppy Playtime, but with a rich Roblox aesthetic, and you’ll have a rough idea of what you’re going to get yourself into. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve anything cute and cuddly.

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five horror games on Roblox this month? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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