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All Ships in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)



Sea of Thieves is a title that experienced somewhat of a resurgence as of late. Many new players have been feeling the pull of the high seas, and wish to learn how to jump in. Once you are in this nautical wonderland, however, you must learn to operate the many ships in the game. In doing so, you will learn that some ships are just better suited for different purposes.  These purposes mean to bring different benefits in the heat of battle. Outfitted with different weapons and other differences makes knowing which ships to choose essential. Each of these ships has its own advantages and disadvantages. To highlight the best of the bunch, enjoy All Ships in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023).

3. The Sloop Ship

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Today, we begin our list of the ships in Sea of Thieves, with a more humble ship that players will need to be familiar with. The Sloop ship is one that is designed for a smaller number of players compared to later entries on this list. This makes it ideal for sailing parties with fewer numbers. That isn't to say that this ship can't be as effective on the seas as other entries, more so that its strengths lie elsewhere. One of the greatest assets of this particular ship type is the fact that it can be manned solo. This, while being less effective than having a small crew, does open a bit of possibility for this option.

Another fantastic ability of the Sloop ship is its ease of use. This makes it incredibly accessible, and easily the simplest ship to learn, making it an ideal vessel for beginners. However, that isn't to say that players can't make this ship absolutely sing on the seas. The helm of the ship is also really simple to use and capable of turning at a tighter radius with less effort compared to larger ships. This can really come in handy for quick escapes.

This makes the Sloop a mobile fighter that lacks in weight and firepower. But makes up for this with mobility and simplicity. So if you are looking for one of the easiest ships to learn, perhaps you are a beginner or wish to brush up on the basics, then make sure you check out the Sloop Ship. To close, the Sloop is the lowest entry on our list of the Sea of Thieves ships but that isn't to say it isn't extremely effective in capable hands. For these reasons, it is one of the best ships in Sea of Thieves.

2. The Galleon

Now, comes the time to bring out a fearsome fighter on the seas, the Galleon. Galleon ships require significantly more effort on the part of players to operate when compared to the smaller Sloop-style ships. This can be seen in the many mechanics and aspects that players will be responsible for when manning it. While the Galleon can technically be operated with fewer than four members, this isn't advised for optimal efficiency. This is due to the fact that the ships require a lot of attention, and all hands on deck in order to run effectively. For players wishing to participate in combat, this ship has quite a few drawbacks that it makes up for with firepower.

The first drawback of the Galleon is its immense size. This gives the Galleon a wide turning radius, which isn't suited for quick maneuvers. For this exact reason, it is advised that players don't get into close-quarters battles, as maneuvering can be a pain. However, it does gain quite a bit of durability due to its size. Especially when compared to the smaller Sloops in the game. This is great, as it allows players to learn how to take and receive damage to the hull of their ships. Additionally, for players looking to maneuver quickly, the anchor does take quite a bit of time to raise. This means that players will have to think ahead of time about when to raise the anchor.

The firepower on the Galleon is by far, its strongest ability. With the ship featuring eight cannons, it should come as no surprise that it can dish out damage. Also, it comes stocked with forty planks for repairs compared to the thirty-five that come with other ships. To close, it is one of the best ships in Sea of Thieves.

1. The Brigantine

For our final entry on our list of the best Sea of Thieves ships ranked, we have the Brigantine. The Brigantine is a ship that, while it does lack the raw firepower of a Galleon, makes up for this factor in other respects. For starters, the ship can be manned by as few as three people. This makes recruiting a crew rather easy, and ship maintenance in battle rather simple. One unique aspect of the ship is the fact that it has two masts compared to the ones found on both the Galleon and the Sloop.

One of the greatest aspects of this particular ship type is the fact that compared to the Galleon, it is very low maintenance. This is a great aspect to have, as oftentimes, players will not have the time to maintain everything in the heat of battle. Also, the ship is capable, under the right conditions, of topping the speed of any other vessel. This is great and makes traveling long distances easier, and escapes more viable. It should be noted, however, that this ship, like others on this list, doesn't come without drawbacks. For one, the ship only has a single level to it, meaning that if it is severely damaged, then players are in big trouble. This makes it a rather risky craft for newer players to man, but excellent for seasoned salty veterans.


So, what's your take on our picks for All Ships in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)? What are your favorite Ships? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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