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5 Best Puzzle Games on Xbox Game Pass (August 2023)

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Best Puzzle Games on Xbox Game Pass 2023

Xbox Game Pass has a big collection of puzzle games. It's like a huge toy box, but instead of toys, it's full of games that test your thinking. That's why we made a list of the best puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass. They're not just about solving puzzles, though. Each game has its own story and style that makes it special. In this list, we'll be cooking, escaping, unpacking, messing with perspective, and more. No matter if you're a puzzle pro or just starting out, there's something here for you. So, let's get started and explore these cool games.

5. Venba

Venba Launch Trailer

Starting our list of the best puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass is the compelling narrative-driven puzzle game, Venba. In this game, you play the role of an Indian mom who moves to Canada with her family in the 1980s. But this game isn't just about following a storyline – it's about being part of the story. Here, puzzles take the form of cooking traditional South Indian dishes. From making soft idlis to preparing spicy biryanis, each cooking task is a unique puzzle that brings you closer to the tale of family, love, and loss.

The magic of Venba is in its authenticity. It captures the true essence of South Indian cuisine and the life of an immigrant family. The game beautifully shows how food can bring generations together. The bright and colorful art makes the game even more enjoyable. The dishes look so real that you can almost taste them. Plus, the Tamil music playing in the background sets the perfect mood. When you play Venba, it feels like you're actually in the kitchen, cooking a delicious meal while unfolding a heartfelt story. In simple words, Venba offers a wonderful blend of engaging puzzles, a touching storyline, and a cultural experience.

4. Escape Academy

Escape Academy Launch Trailer

Escape Academy snags fourth place in our list of top puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass. Here, you are a student at a special school. But this school doesn’t teach regular subjects! Your goal is to become the best at escaping tricky situations. Imagine having to stop a bomb from exploding during a tea party or beating a smart computer at complicated games. What’s more, Escape Academy lets you play in different ways. You can play alone or team up with a friend to solve puzzles, either sitting side by side or online.

The game includes more than a dozen rooms, each one a puzzle waiting to be solved. And these puzzles are clever – they were created by experts who design real-life escape rooms. But the fun doesn't stop at the puzzles. You can also explore the school grounds, meet the teachers, and listen to cool music created by Doseone, a famous game music artist. Overall, it’s a full-on adventure. You face exciting challenges, race against time, and even perform acts of rebellion. The game keeps you guessing and your heart racing from the first puzzle to the last. So, if you love puzzles and are up for an adventure, Escape Academy is the game for you.

3. Unpacking

Unpacking - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Unpacking is a game that takes the simple act of moving into a new home and turns it into a fun puzzle. In this game, you pull objects out of boxes and find the perfect spot for them in your new home. But it's more than just a decoration game. Each item you unpack helps to tell a story.

Imagine moving eight times, each time to a different house. That's what you do in Unpacking. As you go through each move, you start to learn more about the person who owns these items, even though you never actually see them. The game doesn't rush you. There are no timers or scores. You can take your time to explore every corner of the house as you unpack. You get to arrange things like plates, towels, and bookshelves and each item tells you a bit more about the person's story. All in all, Unpacking is a unique puzzle game that tells its story in a very special way, making it one of the best puzzle games to play on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Superliminal

Superliminal Launch Trailer

Runner Up on our list, Superliminal, is a game that challenges not just your puzzle-solving skills but also your perspective. It's an interactive optical illusion game that toys with the depth perception of players to create mind-bending puzzles. In Superliminal, the size and shape of an object change based on how you look at it. You might pick up a tiny chess piece, but when you drop it, it has become a massive obstruction based on your altered perspective. It encourages players to think outside the box by presenting a world where the rules of physics don't apply in the traditional sense.

The game is dream-like, both in its visual design and its narrative. As you progress through the game, the puzzles become more complex and abstract, challenging your perception and spatial understanding at every step. Its unique gameplay mechanics and perspective-shifting puzzles make Superliminal a standout title in the puzzle genre.

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat Gameplay Trailer

Taking the top spot in our list of best puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass is Human: Fall Flat. This game is not like your regular puzzle game. It's unique and funny, and it stands out from all others. In this game, you control a clumsy character named Bob. He's in a dream world filled with tricky puzzles that you need to solve.

Human: Fall Flat is an easy game to understand, but it's still challenging and fun. You'll be on different levels where you can touch and move many things to solve puzzles. The best part is, there's no one way to solve these puzzles. You can try many different ways and watch the funny things that happen. You can also play with your friends, making the game even more fun. All these features make Human: Fall Flat the best puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass.

So, what do you think about our top picks? Have you tried any of these games? Or is there another puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass that you believe deserves a spot on this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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