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Lies of P vs Bloodborne

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Lies of P vs Bloodborne

The soul-like genre is one to be admired. It opens up an ethereal canvas of hauntingly beautiful landscapes and foreboding architecture amidst challenging gameplay. Bloodborne's debut reminded us what this genre portrays- a pure adventure that gives generously to those who dare to embark. The game takes you on a breathtaking odyssey, soaring to the summits of euphoria and plunging into the abyssal depths of weary desperation.

Now, a worthy contender stands poised to claim its spot. Lies of P twists a familiar tale, enveloping it in gothic horror and a hint of steampunk allure. At first glance, it may appear as a sequel to Bloodborne due to shared elements, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you're curious about the comparison between these two games, read on. Here is Lies of P vs Bloodborne.

What is Bloodborne?

On the off chance that you've not yet immersed yourself in the Yharnamian terrors, Bloodborne is an action role-playing game from FromSoftware. The game's storyline is borderline cliché, focusing on a rogue hunter gunning after plagued beasts who were once humans. To put it into perspective, residents of Yharnam are beleaguered with plaque, turning the once frenzy street into squalor and grime. An epidemic blood-borne disease is changing the residents into freaks of nature, and as the hunter, you must get to the bottom of things. 

The game features a hard-earned progression system, which sticks to the precedence of the developer's games. These systems put games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring on the map. However, there is a unique appeal to the game. At first glance, the desolate state of the town tugs on your heartstrings, invoking sadness owing to its sorry state. But as they say, sit in shit too long, and it starts to stink. The game soon invokes a putrid wave of fear. 

Well, what do you expect from a creation by the ingenious Hidetaka Miyazaki? He's the legend behind Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Elden Ring.

What is Lies of P?

Lies P

Lies of P is an upcoming title already brewing a buzz from the gaming community. Why the buzz, you may ask? Right from the game's announcement, veterans of the souls-like genre were drawing parallels and similarities to Bloodborne. This is not unusual, granted that games tend to borrow elements from predecessors and forefathers. 

However, with Lies of P, the emulation is down to its font. It makes you wonder whether developers channeled this idea as an authentic invention or made a copy of Bloodborne and then scavenged through fairy tales to find their best protagonist. Because never has it occurred to me that Carlo Collodi's wooden puppet, whose nose grows an inch longer when he lies, will be the hero of the day. 

That aside, the storyline follows Pinocchio, a humanoid puppet, in his quest to find his creator, Geppetto. Amidst it all, the town has fallen into unspeakable horrors, making your journey harder than before. The game invokes mystery by hinting that you shouldn't trust anyone. Moreover, players must lie to everyone if they want to become humans.



Lies of P vs Bloodborne

Combat takes center stage for both games but takes a new approach in Bloodborne. Stealth is not an option. Gone are the days of timidly hiding behind a shield, biding time for the perfect moment to thrust a pike. Instead, your character's speed is your only defense from quick steps and evasive rolling melee battles. 

Moreover, your incredible arsenal of transforming weapons adds a layer of intrigue. Like a switchblade, your main weapon retracts, switching between shorter and longer versions of the weapon. The short version deals a flurry of deadly strikes from a close range. The weapon becomes heavier but deals even greater damage in its expanded form. As you progress, you can tweak your weapon by adding gems to it. These elements spruce up the fight, where you can torch your opponents before hacking them down with a final slash.

Blodbornes' combat takes a new trajectory from the souls-like genre. Instead of potato-filled vials that restore your health instantly, your opponents drop life-strong items, which you can guzzle up mid-fight. Interestingly, this is not the only way to recharge your health bar. Strike your foe, and the blood it oozes replenishes your bar back red from orange. 

In contrast, Lies of P is shaping to be Bloodbornes' younger sibling. Leveraging your character's speed is your best chance of survival. But you must exercise caution in dodging and blocking enemy strikes. The interesting part is Pinocchio's mechanical arm, a snag reminder of his humanoid statue. Adding elements to gadgets to the mechanical arm can lure enemies or launch a flamethrower that incinerates your foes to ashes. This is perhaps the game's best and unique thing so far. Let's not forget the game's lying system, where decisions you make chart your path. 


The answer to Lies of P vs Bloodborne isn't a mind-boggling one. It's simply straightforward for now. Lies of P was announced in 2021 and will be gracing consoles on September 19, 2023. So far, the game's trailer reveals an insane amount of action women in a Soulsborne-theme tapestry. Admittedly, the game is shaping to be a worthy contender to other titles in the genre. Moreover, I am smitten by the game's infusion of a steampunk setting and running with a twist of the classical fairy story, giving Pinocchio a huge facelift.

On the other hand, Bloodborne continues to live up to its legacy—a brilliant masterpiece woven from the threads of darkness, challenge, and haunting beauty. Although the game's exhausting odyssey could easily lunge you to the bottomless abyss of madness, it's remarkably rewarding. 

Granted that we have yet to taste Lies of P, the scale remains tipped in favor of Bloodborne. Stay tuned for our full review of Lies of P once the game drops.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our verdict? Which do you prefer — Lies of P vs Bloodborne? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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