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Lord of the Rings Online: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



If you thought the weight of J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy anthology was overpowering, then wait till you get a load of its MMORPG counterpart, Lord of the Rings Online. Safe to say that, anyone who’s never taken the time to brush up on the lore or even so much as familiarize themselves with the countless species, locations, and characters that Middle-earth has in its casket of curiosities will, and rightfully so, struggle to make headway in a game that touts one of the most convincing visual representations of the literary phenomenon to date. Nothing a handful of tips won’t be able to solve, of course.

Anyway, if you are new to Lord of the Rings Online, then be sure to read on for five of the best tips we currently have to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about the acclaimed MMORPG in 2023, and more importantly, the steps to becoming the next great warlord of Middle-earth.

5. Pace Yourself

From a top-down perspective, Middle-earth can come across as quite the overwhelming place to make ends meet in, more so if you take into account the countless regions, species, and other intricacies that it houses. But rest assured, as the opening section for newcomers is relatively easy to follow, as it more or less keeps to one small area right up until you’ve reached level 10, after which you’re allowed to explore at your own pace and find your place in the world. And honestly, before level 10, there won’t be a great deal to do outside of the main quests; specializations, for example, don’t unlock until you reach the milestone.

What’s good about the opening section of Lord of the Rings Online is that, regardless of the race and class you choose, the quests are all pretty straightforward and serve only as stepping stones to a much, much bigger network of events. So, make sure to pay attention to every quest log and cutscene, as these early portions will provide you with the core information that’ll go on to lay the foundations for an even grander plot later down the line. In other words, don’t rush it.

4. Build Your Reputation

Once you’ve brushed the introductory quests under the mat, you’ll want to start working on building your reputation around Middle-earth — which can be accomplished through Deeds. These Deeds, which essentially serve as side quests on top of the main storyline, can provide you with new Titles, XP, Virtues, LP (the in-game currency), and of course, Reputation Points, which contribute to your overall status in each region you quest in. And while these Deeds aren’t necessary to usher the narrative forward, they do provide additional lore and perks.

One of the main reasons you’ll want to onboard as many Deeds as possible is to earn LP, which, in any other case, would cost real money. However, if you can complete Deeds between quests, then you’ll come to earn enough LP to be able to purchase quality items from the LOTRO Store. These items include mounts, cosmetics, homeware accessories, and character upgrades. So, if you’re really looking to squeeze each region of all its content and reap the rewards for doing so, then aim to complete as many Deeds as possible before moving on to the next zone.

3. Take on Instances

As soon as you’ve finished the first batch of Epic quests and ascended to a fairly moderate level, you’ll unlock Instances—short dungeon-like adventures that boast their own goals, Deeds, bosses, and rewards. If you can help it, aim to throw yourself into as many of these as possible, as they’ll lump you with greater amounts of XP and items for every time you beat them. They’ll also boost your chances of winning better weapons and cosmetics, too — which is seen as more of a rare occurrence in the open world.

Of course, taking on Instances via the Instance Finder is a two-for-one deal, as each one offers various Deeds to complete in addition to the standard goals. If you can also aim to complete these Deeds, then you’ll earn LP; the more LP you acquire, the better the rewards you’ll be able to unlock between Instances. Simple.

2. Pursue Your Virtues

If you’re looking to boost your stats and unlock some pretty nifty passive abilities along the way, then you’ll need to start pouring experience into Virtues, a nexus of traits that provide various benefits and skills once mastered. To learn one of the Virtues, you’ll first need to pick and assign one, after which you’ll need to earn Virtue Points by completing Deeds around Middle-earth. Once mastered, you will have the freedom to utilize your chosen Virtue directly from the hotbar.

Having said all that, you should definitely consider which stat boosts are most likely to compliment your class type, as certain Virtues won’t necessarily link up with every available class. For example, if you’re playing as a Hunter, then you’ll want to pursue the Physical Mastery node, as doing so will increase your overall ranged damage. If you can max out on your primary Virtues as early on as possible, then you’ll have a greater chance of surviving the later sections and regions in the game.

1. Find Your Home

It’s all well and good being able to brush through quest after quest and let the road be your guide, but without a place to call your own, you’ll never really feel a part of the Middle-earth community. That’s why housing exists, which is something that can be explored once you’ve reached level 15 and have just enough gold to get your foot on the property ladder.

Depending on your starter zone, you’ll have a number of housing options to consider once you’ve reached the minimum requirements. Do yourself a favor and invest in a home as soon as you’re able to, as you’ll be able to use this social hub to not only store your valuables, but also as a private space to both decorate and furnish, too. Sure, there’s the weekly rent to consider, but if you’ve been taking on enough Deeds and Instances, then honestly, money really shouldn’t be an issue by this point.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Lord of the Rings Online newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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